Nigerians mock Nigeria’s president Buhari @mbuhari on social media.

If you pay attention to what we have done in the last three and half years, in infrastructure, in agriculture, in social investment, you will not regret voting this administration into power, or supporting our efforts to remake Nigeria. No matter which part of the country you come from, you will see the efforts we are making in terms of roads, in rail, in power. All of these infrastructure projects will make a huge difference in the lives of Nigerians and lay a solid foundation for the Nigeria of our dreams.
We will continue to focus on ensuring that the resources of Nigeria work for all the people of Nigeria, especially those forgotten over the years by successive governments. The wealth of Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians, not to a greedy and selfish minority.
*Muhammadu Buhari*

Don’t tell us to ‘pay attention to what you’ve done’ mention them one by one, tell the people how you conceptualized and actualized them and at what cost. We are yet to see pictures of rice fields or silos from you apart from the India fields u put up and got busted on!
*Olushola Olufolabi*

Sir. Any thing U think U’ve done can only be measured by d impact it has on d common man & I’m not talkg abt #TraderMoni. Its about access to #healthcare #education #dailybread, so you hv to go to d street to know what d common man thinks. Whatever he says is d real deal. Thanks
*Omolola Jayeola*

If truly you have done well in the last three & half years, why did you appoint your niece Amina Zakari to help you rig 2019 Presidential election.
*Gani Alimi*

I hope you know “the world is watching!”
See INEC ~ See Rigging
*Shantel Campbell*

You have done nothing but impoverish this country Sir. Your tacktless and archaic policies have only succeeded in setting us back by decades!
*Victor Neji*

If u have done enough I wouldn’t have to pay attention before I know… I would feel it and experience it in my everyday life. #lazynigerianleaders
*Sambo Kareem*

We paid attention as you spent 5 months in a London hospital. We paid attention as you appointed only people from the North as board member in different agencies, we paid attention as you appointed people from the north in the top national security offices
*Manny Emmanuel*

No doubt!
But let’s try some fresh ideas, certainly not yours
*Diran Adeleke*

I don’t have much to say sir @MBuhari talking about infrastructure, we are also talking about road constructions. Have you traveled on Oyo to Ogbomoso road before? If you have, you will know your administration has done nothing to this most deadliest road in the world.
*Islamiyah Abdul-Hakeem*

Mr. President, the common man is already regretting voting your administration before.
At this your age you need to go and rest Mr. President and enjoy your pension.
Peace ✌
*Dr. Tony Agbor*

And the infrastructures are too big for the naked eyes to comprehend 😂😂
*Foluke Kested Martin’s*

Why do we have to pay attention? If you’ve really done something tangible, then we won’t need to pay attention to find out
*Dan-Anya Gumi*

We are not seeing it, sir. Do we have another Nigeria elsewhere?
*Eze IK*

The old man already gave you expo na. You can’t see it with the naked eye, you have to pay attention. Guess it’s project for the blind.
*Otaoroju Oluwanifemi*

Sir, u have done nothing absolutely, ur infrastructure is completely zero cos u can’t even maintain d ones u met & agric, frustrations made those that lost their jobs to take up hoes & cutlasses, we can’t see any road nor rail completed by u.. Failure koweh.
*Gabriel James*

Sir, if you pay attention to the present security situation, the decline in the economy, and the high poverty and employment rates in the country, you will sit out the next election.
*Dare Enitan*

Mr President, your failure in virtually all aspect of government is legendary. We can’t allow it to happen back to back. The only area you exceeded expectation is upwardly reviewing corruption by enriching your family and friends to the detriment of Nigerians #NeverAgain
*Obinna Nwachukwu*

If you pay attention to how you have ruled in the last three and half years, you will discover you have not done anything in infrastructure, in agriculture, in social investment, hence it will be regrettable if Nigerians vote you back. God Bless Nigeria.
*Adeleye Adeleye*

Boss. You forgot Boko Haram. Am not Nigerian but I feel this would have been your single most achievement.
*Davis Sawyer*

Youths that you termed lazy. . .

Elections are closer, see preaching

Tell us your achievements… List them, stop telling us Infrastructure, rail, roads, electricity.. Tell us those places u fixed with those resources
*Toyeeb Abiodun*

You have really done well that it is remarkable…. So your work is done. Please go and rest in your village.
*Princess Olubi Ige*

In this modern era you still talking about roads? Bow your head in shame… You are all the same both APC and PDP.. Is it too much to ask for a better leader?
*Yusuph Ibraheem*

Really, do we need to pay attention before we feel the impact of a government that promised heaven and earth?
*Bolanle Cole*

Culled from @Muhammodu Buhari Tweeter Handle.


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