Video: Breaking news – Nigerian soldiers desert army…refuse to continue fight against terrorists in North East Nigeria. Lament lack of adequate equipment.

Hear this soldier: Hmm Omo Many men don fall ooo. Many men don fall o so we just gasta go house o. If the army is ready, if Nigeria is ready to fight them, they should call us back to fight those idiots. But we don’t have enough weapon, enough adequate weapon to fight them so we can’t just be wasting our lives. We have families but without weapon, you are not a soldier. Weapon makes us to be a soldier. Let them provide the weapon and we fight the idiot out. But is not that they will give me this and them they will come with something more than this times three. O boy ahh noooo. I have blood in myself, blood runs through me so we just have to go. We are going home to do new year with our family. If the army is ready let them call us back with the adequate weapon.


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