I went to Mosun’s Funeral and came home in high spirits.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I was this cheerful even on a normal happy day.

It’s crazy. I know.

I’m sure you are all thinking if I’ve gone mad or perhaps the person who passed was very old. Like 100 years old. Even that would have been quite deflating. Funerals regardless of the age of the deceased are a sad event.

Well Mosunmola was only 51. So young.

A beautiful, bubbly 51 at that.

Just a few years older than me so she is in the ‘Gone too soon’ category. Her death was a rude shock and great loss to us all.

Mosun was my late cousin Akin Boyejo’s sister in law (he married her younger sister Folake).

I had not seen her for many years. At least 10 or 20…I’m not sure. I probably only saw her a handful of times too. So it’s not like she was in my life a lot. But I got to know her so well in the few days we had spent together.

When my sister Tayo called to inform me of her passing, we immediately started talking about her. My sister and I remembered her as a fun, very jovial and lovable person. One who was kind and loving.

On my way to a service of songs in her honour last night, I discussed her with my cousin Segun and his dad..Only for to get there and hear the same words being spoken of her when people gave tributes at the event.

Segun’s dad told me a story of how he had arrived at a place where she was in the rain and he particularly remembers his hair was very wet. A few days later, a hat arrived in the post. Mosun had quietly bought him a hat and mailed it to him so that next time it rained, daddy would have his head protected. That was quintessential Mosun.

In short, tribute after tribute..All with different short stories all we heard was Mosun was kind. Mosun was fun. Mosun was the life of the party. Mosun gave even to her detriment. Mosun was generous. Mosun went out of her way for others. Mosun out herself last…Mosun loved music (oldies). Mosun sang like an angel. Mosun liked to dance. Etc etc

By the way if you ever go to a funeral and they say nice things but cannot share stories of how it applies, they are probably lying to save the person from shame. Every good tribute must come with at least one example. You are welcome. Lol

Mosun was real. That is for sure. She was consistent and she touched a lot of lives.

So today we sent her off. Final rites and all. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..

And after that was done, the family decided we should gather in a hall and just continue sharing stories about her.

So we had about 25 people share different funny storied including her nephews and nieces. We laughed so much our chest and ribs hurt.

We all bonded as a family.

I ran into a ‘cousin’ Lamide who I have not seen in years. Our first children were born in the same Royal Free hospital in Hampstead a week apart, 22 years ago.

One or two people did say Mosun was LOVE. And I must confess that I have never felt so much love in a room or place like I felt today.

I honestly came back feeling joyful, happy, elated…There was a bounce in my stride..almost as if I had won the lottery.

What an amazing experience.

Unbelievably strange indeed.

This for me was the best funeral I have ever attended. 😁


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