Good Politics part 2: 5th December 2016

After the loss at the 2015 general election, expectedly, there was a loss of morale and confidence amongst the party faithful.

Some were feeling that they had lost out of their usual chop chop in government. Others were feeling like the party has finally lost its bite.

Of course the desperadoes started decamping right left and centre.

You see the challenge of the PDP is not that as a party it lacks discipline or focus or an ideology.

In fact before deciding what party I would join in 2002, I read the PDP manifesto and was thoroughly impressed by the idea behind the party and some of the values and visions of the founding fathers.

Truth be told…the PDP was the only non sectional party formed in 1998. It was a truly NATIONAL party that from inception decided that all interest groups would be accommodated.

The PDP produced the first Southern President, The first president from South South and a minority too, the first female speaker, the youngest speaker, a few female deputy gov’s and two even became gov’s for a little bit when their principals were impeached.

So when I hear people say that the PDP cannot hand over the party to the youth…I laugh. Those people are not thinking straight.

Who here does not know Olisa Chidoka. He is in his mid 40’s and he has already been a minister. How old were Donald Duke, James Ibori, Gabriel Suswam etc when they first cut their political teeth. How old was Dimeji Bankole? How old was Abdulmumin Jibrin when he became a member of parliament and chairman of house committee on finance?
What about women? How many women were in the cabinet?

How old were FFK, Bukola Saraki, Fayose.

What about the young Turks…Mukhtar Shagari, Salisu Buhari, Ghalil Na’aba.

Who remembers my good friend Waziri who at a tender age was Nigerian Railway Corporation Chairman?

What about the business sector…Femi Otedola, Wale Tinubu, Tope Sonubi and Tonye Cole…Stella Oduah in SPG..Dapo Abiodun…etc etc

Who brought 35% of women into politics?

Part 3 to come


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