Tosyn Bucknor

It has taken me a few days to write this because I have been searching for words.

Even one word…

Then this morning it came…It was much more than a word…It was a phrase “There is no illness death cannot cure”.

It came and gave me comfort…I really needed it.

I knew Tosyn from a little distance but for many many years. I know her sister Funke much more closely and many of her family members. In fact I have known the Bucknor family since my primary school days.

My impressions of her however were of a courageous bold and daring young lady. One who did not hesitate to do. I loved to watch her walk into a room and light up the place.

I recall thinking: how can someone this tiny be so boisterous and totally in charge?

Then it occurred to me that Tosyn was one of the happiest people I have ever known in my life. She was boisterous because she knew that life was to be lived. Her other name should have been Joy.

As a radio host aka OAP she absolutely was a hit. Loved to listen to her and boyyyy was she fun.

If you were feeling a bit down and you listened to her you would immediately become upbeat…God knows how many lives this young lady saved..

For me the instructive thing was that in the short time she was here she made a tremendous impact on many lives…Millions..More than most politicians and pastors.

I read a very moving tribute from my brother Folarin Abdulrazaq Sode who I had no idea even knew her, and I realised how influential she had been. I can’t even imagine how many more awesome stories there are in the hearts of those we do not know knew her.

It is sad that she had to leave so soon but I am assured that those who she left behind and who shared her life with her will continue to promote the things that her life represented.

Her family are in my thoughts and prayers. I urge them to always treasure the best memories of Tosyn and to remember her for her impact during her brief but very impactful stint here with us.

Long may her spirit live on…

Death has cured her pain…She is free and we shall all be one day too.


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