A close family friend who I have known since childhood kinda insinuated that I am a bastard because I am supporting PDP to remove my ‘brother’ (Osinbajo) from office. That I am trading VP for SGF.
Let me say this now publicly: Even if na my mama born Osinbajo I will still work against him and vote for a Peter Obi. Let me emphasise not just any Igbo man ooo…But one that is competent and has a good track record like Peter Obi.
As I asked this close family friend let me ask here…What has Osinbajo done for Yorubaland since he became VP. What?

If he had just fought for Lagos Ibadan expressway to be completed I won’t have plenty mouth to talk now. But oh no….he could not even do that.
The real bastards are the foolish Yoruba people who follow men like Tinubu, who is only interested in his personal profit and not the good of Yoruba people who he claims to lead.

It is funny that this came up today, because I had this very same conversation with my dad a few days ago who asked a fantastic question……When Buhari was allegedly `sleeping in Tinubu’s house begging for his support for Yoruba votes? What was the condition Tinubu gave him?

Not personal conditions to appoint his cronies in juicy positions…But conditions in terms of projects that Buhari will promise that he will complete in the Southwest for the benefit of not just Yoruba’s but all Nigerians who are domiciled or have cause to visit the southwest.
The non bastards are free to answer….

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